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Biting the hands that feed them

I usually reserve a fair bit of sympathy for unions threatening industrial actions to force employers to come to the negotiation table, but not when they show complete disregard to customers, as in the case of the work-to-rule action to be enforced by the Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants’ Union. Under the work-to-rule guidelines: “All… Read More »


昨天早上去人事部找人事部经理谈离职细节顺便拿员工离职通知书,经理因手下没有备份,需要打印,责备道:怎么不多打印几份,好随时可以用。 我在旁边听了,几乎晕过去。。。

Sympathy? What sympathy?

Wall Street apologist Geoff Colvin has done it again. In his recent Value Driven article (“Sympathy for the Devils“, FORTUNE, May 25), Colvin argued that Wall Street shouldn’t be punished [for the excesses] because “restoring profitability to the banks will require paying bonuses”. He further tried to lay blame for the public outrage on a… Read More »

Colvin’s rant against government intervention

I’m beginning to tire of Geoff Colvin’s anti-government stance in his regular Value Driven column in FORTUNE magazine. In a recent piece (“Will the Motor City Shakeup Work?“, April 27), Colvin argued that General Motors‘ fate has less to do with the new CEO Fritz Henderson than with the restructuring model the US government is… Read More »