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Brave New World

Six o’clock in the morning and you hear the soundOf a bomb exploding in the neighbourhood groundYou turned a deaf ear to the calls, closed the doorBecause it’s nothing new at all Papa, mama, please don’t go awayLeave your children to face the world todayHear them crying in the darkSongs of love won’t ease their… Read More »

A Picture Of Life

Obviously Another plan To start afresh Find a new romance Childhood dreams So far away Can’t wait for the great reunion Probably Never the chance To wish for the same thing the other way So many mistakes So many tears Waited for you For so many years Can’t deny my feelings inside Nothing to lose… Read More »


宁静的新加坡河畔散布着情侣的夜晚莱佛士的塑像高耸的楼房起伏不定的波浪 今夜的月色更灿烂星空下更显得凄凉古老的情歌新潮的思想摸不清命运的动向 海不是相聚的地方走不完陌生的陋巷天涯海角有谁为伴?何处才是家乡? 厌透了生活的繁忙挥不去心中的惆怅昨日的知己儿时的玩伴你们都在何处流浪? Date written: early 2003s


走在繁忙的街上经过了Centrepoint曾经怀疑这世上到底有没有爱 又是寂寞的夜晚不想一个人吃晚餐翻开了昨日的Straits Times沉醉在收音机里 的梦想 Written: 1991年12月


Caught you feeling blueAnd it’s no time for romanceNothing else to sayHad no choice to be wordless Now I can’t go onThere’s not a chanceBut you’re still the same without meEven better Something’s on my mindBut I’m afraid to believe itCan’t ignore my prideHad no choice to be wordless Now I can’t go onAll by… Read More »


Silent nightHoly nightWhen all have died…When all have died…Listen to the soundsOf silence tonightLeave the worldBefore it’s too lateLeave the world tonight…