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10 things I’ll miss about Hong Kong

So I’ve left Hong Kong before the 7-year itch bit me. Here are 10 things I’ll miss about the territory. 1. Cantonese2. Winter3. Trams (or “ding ding” as the locals called it) – HK$2.30 gets you anywhere on the line in HK island.4. Getting to the other side of the Victoria Harbour via ferry5. Standing… Read More »

5 ways to annoy people

1. Repeat everything someone says, as a question 2. Produce a YouTube video consisting entirely of dire FBI copyright warnings 3. Do not add any inflection to the end of your sentences, producing awkward silences with the impression that you’ll be saying more any moment 4. Begin all your sentence with the words “Pursuant to… Read More »

Appsolutely useless?

How many iPhone apps have you downloaded but never used on a regular basis? Here’s my list in no particular order: Super Camera (crash prone) *deleted* Target Takedown *deleted* SiteAnalyser (use once and you will pretty much dump it)*deleted* Type n Talk ContactsTapLite (this cannot be branded as a Lite version; it expires and becomes… Read More »


1.有求必應 打從孩子出生開始,你就給他所有他要的東西,如此一來就算他以後長大成人,他還是會倔強的認為所有的一切都是世界欠他的。 2.他出口成“髒”你一笑置之 當孩子講出不得體的話甚至口出穢言,你卻只是笑了笑,這將會使他認為自己很可愛他說的話很討喜,你的反應不外乎是鼓勵他下次再挑些更討喜的話來講。 3.從不訓練他精神獨立 從小一切幫他打點好一切事情由你來負責,等到他20歲時再突然告訴他“自己決定吧!”我們不難想像孩子們對這種突如其來且遲來的恩准,反應會是:“#~%&^…..”。 4.從不告訴他你錯了 如此將造成他日後嚴重的罪惡感,若我們一直避免把錯字冠諸孩子的不良行為,一直不告訴他孰是孰非,待某日他抵觸了法律,犯下了父母再也無法替他掩飾的罪行,他還以為整個社會都與他作對,是他自己受到迫害。 5.替他收拾所有弄亂的東西 像個名符其實的老媽子一樣地跟在他後面,撿起他丟再地上的書鞋子髒衣服,幫他整理房間做東做西打理一切,養成他日後推卸責任,將別人的好意當成是理所當然的惡習。 6.常常當著孩子的面吵架 日後父母離婚了家庭破碎了,你也不用為孩子麻木不仁無關痛癢的反應感到震驚與不解。 7.當他的搖錢樹 若金錢對他們而言太容易到手,想買東西時只要他們搖一搖吵一吵錢就掉下來了,不讓孩子明白金錢是要靠自己的努力去賺取的,如此要他們如何能了解 “錢歹賺”,如何使他們能有正確的金錢概念。 8.滿足他所有的口腹之慾 當你自始至終永遠滿足他的需求時,你會發現一次的拒絕,就足以對他造成傷害極大的挫折感。 9.永遠站在他這邊 站在孩子這邊固然是好的,但要永遠嗎?當孩子真的犯錯時呢?你能想像這種心態—-都是別人不好他們都對我的孩子有偏見,會造成他日後一生多少問題嗎? 永遠站在孩子這邊,永遠教他與鄰居師長警察對立,不過是提早讓他走上不歸路罷了。 10.我就是拿他沒辦法 當孩子們闖了大禍犯了大錯,若你只是一次又一次拿這句話來搪塞,替自己的不是找藉口找台階下,孩子們以後如何能尊重你呢?他難道不會想:“既然沒辦法那就乾脆讓你一輩子都沒辦法好了”。 Technorati Tags: 寵壞 孩子 方法 父母 Help spread the word!

20 ways to tick people off

1. Leave the copier machine settings at 200% reduction, extra dark, 17 inch paper, 99 copies.2. In the memo field of all your cheques, write “for sexual favours”.3. Specify that your drive-through order is “To go”.4. Stomp on little plastic ketchup packets.5. Insist on keeping your car windshield wipers running in all weather conditions “to… Read More »

Top 10 tunes for travellers

Travel and music go together like bacon and eggs. The folks at Travel+Leisure magazine recently compiled a list of top 10 songs that relate to travel in general: 1. Motel Blues by Loudon Wainwright III2. Refuge of the Road by Joni Mitchell3. Wide Open Road by The Triffids4. Leaving on a Jet Plane by Peter,… Read More »

Top 10 buzzwords in 2009

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last couple of weeks (not necessarily a bad thing, given the circumstances), you would have come across the following buzzwords (in no particular order) that will dominate news headlines in the months to come: 1. economic tsunami2. layoff3. AIG = arrogance, incompetence and greed4. stimulus… Read More »

Just get it done!

If you’re fond of procrastination, check out this 13-point manifesto by Bre Pettis and Kio Stark on how to make your good ideas happen. Why 13, you may ask? I guess Pettis and Stark wanted to leave room for people with a fondness to cross items out on lists, so they will have a Top… Read More »