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The Little Boy

Once a little boy went to school.One morningThe teacher said:“Today we are going to make a picture.”“Good!” thought the little boy.He liked to make all kinds;Lions and tigers,Chickens and cows,Trains and boats;And he took out his box of crayonsAnd began to draw. But the teacher said, “Wait!”“It is not time to begin!”And she waited until… Read More »

The House of a Million Stories

These are my recent haul from BookXcess in Penang. It’s a two-storey book lover paradise in Gurney Paragon. I wasn’t expecting to be buying books on this trip (came for the food) so I was totally unprepared (no $$$, no luggage space). Probably have to come here again sometime in the future. If you’re the… Read More »

Have you been paying attention?

Every day we observe things that we scarcely notice. Our brains automatically attend to the important and ignore the incidental. From the rush of incoming stimuli, they filter out the repetitious and insubstantial, allowing only the “important” information to pass. But sometimes, even the most trivial details may turn out to be significant. Take this… Read More »