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Have you been paying attention?

Every day we observe things that we scarcely notice. Our brains automatically attend to the important and ignore the incidental. From the rush of incoming stimuli, they filter out the repetitious and insubstantial, allowing only the “important” information to pass. But sometimes, even the most trivial details may turn out to be significant. Take this… Read More »

For the love of Google

You may now Google the bride, but I bet you haven’t tried these other Google services. If they have all gone offline, you can always print and submit this query. Be patient though, it will probably take a while. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Pocket WhatsApp Telegram Line

Real life Happy Feet

Movies are sometimes based on reality, but occasionally real life mirrors reel life. Check out the dancing penguin in the video below. Does it remind you of a particular character and scene in an animation? Related stuff:Unhappy feet Technorati Tags: Happy Feet penguin dancing movies real life video Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Pocket WhatsApp Telegram… Read More »