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The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

“There are laws of nature (physics), so why shouldn’t there be laws of marketing?” I’m not sure if that’s a rhetorical question, but the problem with anything “immutable” is the timeliness of the examples used to justify it. This book has not held up well because the supporting evidence were dated or turned out to… Read More »

Wrong on the 8 July

Received this mailer from IKEA yesterday and it seems that someone at the furniture retailer either couldn’t get the dates correct or was looking at the wrong month on the calendar.   The mailer mentioned a one-day offer on 8 July (Thursday). Problem is, 8 July is not on Thursday, but on Sunday. To make… Read More »


Printed on the promotional leaflet accompanying the month’s telephone bill were the letters: “WMBTOPCITBWTNTALI”. One puzzled customer found out when she called the service representative that it was the company’s slogan: “We May Be The Only Phone Company In Town, But We Try Not To Act Like It.”