Stay ahead of the innovation curve

By | December 19, 2010

The global economy may be more unpredictable than recent climate changes, but one thing is for certain. If your organisation wants to track evolving consumer needs and steal market share from less-informed competitors, you’ve got to stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Stay ahead of the innovation curve 1Given the number of “innovations” out there, you may think this is a daunting task. Fret not. Here’s your chance to grab a free copy of Trend Hunter’s Top 20 Trend Report, featuring the collective insight of 40,000 trend hunters who crowdsourced 92,000 micro trends which, in turn, were crowd filtered to 1000+ PRO Trends by the community at, led by Chief Trend Hunter Jeremy Gutsche.

And this is not just a random collection of passing fads observed by a random collection of individuals. Each micro trend is scored for popularity and includes useful information such as discovery date and the relative traffic score. If you want to get an idea of how things are done in a Trend Report, skip over to slide #15 of the sample PPT. Even with the collective insight and crowd filtering, you may find it overwhelming to read about so many innovations in the Top 20 alone, so imagine if you have to DIY to uncover them.

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