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The House of a Million Stories

These are my recent haul from BookXcess in Penang. It’s a two-storey book lover paradise in Gurney Paragon. I wasn’t expecting to be buying books on this trip (came for the food) so I was totally unprepared (no $$$, no luggage space). Probably have to come here again sometime in the future. If you’re the… Read More »

Biting the hands that feed them

I usually reserve a fair bit of sympathy for unions threatening industrial actions to force employers to come to the negotiation table, but not when they show complete disregard to customers, as in the case of the work-to-rule action to be enforced by the Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants’ Union. Under the work-to-rule guidelines: “All… Read More »

Are you kidding me, Google?

Jet ski across the Pacific Ocean? No wonder Sino-Japanese relations are strained. There’s no easy way for them to reach each other. How this screen was captured: Go to Google Maps, get directions for “Japan” to “China” and scroll down to step 43. Related stuff: Mighty Google Maps Google reaching for the stars

Big Bust Ours?

I was walking from Wanchai to Pacific Place the other day and I saw a tour bus advertising this domain name: bigbustours.com That’s unfortunate because the Web address could be interpreted as Big Bust Ours. And I thought to myself: “Well, if you insist.” Related stuff: Top 10 mindboggling domain names

Flight carry-on restrictions

While we’re at it, here are seven more items that should also be banned from carry-ons: 1. BeltSome cowboy may use this to whip the pilot into action (or worse, inaction). 2. High-heel stilettosA hard nudge by one of these pointy devices can be deadly. 3. PenYeah, you’ll need this to complete the immigration forms,… Read More »