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Cathay Pacific sex scandal

Airborne Sex, Mile High Club, or whatever. What’s the big deal with that? The bigger scandal is not the sex itself. According to sources (as usual, unnamed), the air stewardess involved in the recent Cathay Pacific airborne sex scandal has either resigned or been dismissed. No big surprise here. Only thing is, the pilot on… Read More »


Many foreign businessmen and commentators have observed that the word for crisis in Chinese consists of the characters for danger (危) as well as opportunity (机). Their point is that, unlike pessimistic Westerners, the Chinese sees crises as opportunities for improvement. However, the etymology of 危机 does not support this popular wisdom. In most context,… Read More »


Saw this article on the front page of The Standard today. Seems like the writer cannot make up his/her mind whether to give the story a postive or negative spin. The headline screamed “Ray of Hope”, but the deck immediately threw a dampener by saying “Food safety fears grow despite nuke optimism”. How did that… Read More »

Biting the hands that feed them

I usually reserve a fair bit of sympathy for unions threatening industrial actions to force employers to come to the negotiation table, but not when they show complete disregard to customers, as in the case of the work-to-rule action to be enforced by the Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants’ Union. Under the work-to-rule guidelines: “All… Read More »

No Tom, Dick or Harry

John and Margaret are the luckiest lottery names, according to Britain’s National Lottery figures. In an effort to con more of the unsuspecting public into wagering their hard earned money, it revealed that the top 10 men’s names among winners who have banked prizes of more than £50,000 are John, David, Michael, Peter, Robert, James,… Read More »

I die, you also die

Counterterrorism experts with the UK intelligence service MI5 are reportedly aware of a new technique that will help suicidal terrorists avoid detection at airports after discovering increasingly strong chatter regarding the subject on extremist websites. MI5 told Daily Mail that suicide bombers may now surgically implant explosives in their bodies. The explosive, commonly known as… Read More »

China bashing

Amnesty International has criticised China’s execution of 53-year-old Briton Akmal Shaikh, who was convicted of drug smuggling by the Chinese authorities, as a “slap in the face” of the international community. The NGO also called on Beijing to fulfill its human rights commitments by abolishing the death penalty. According to Amnesty, of the 2,400 executions… Read More »