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You’re running ministries, not the military

Lee Hsien Loong’s thinking in managing his team of ministers is, sadly, a reflection of his military background. “Negligent or dishonest ministers will be sacked but ministers who do not perform well despite their best efforts will be moved to a less demanding portfolio, or, if necessary, phased out discreetly,” he said. But he added… Read More »


Many foreign businessmen and commentators have observed that the word for crisis in Chinese consists of the characters for danger (危) as well as opportunity (机). Their point is that, unlike pessimistic Westerners, the Chinese sees crises as opportunities for improvement. However, the etymology of 危机 does not support this popular wisdom. In most context,… Read More »

What “The Decision” taught us

Basketball is a team sport. Don’t believe? Look at how far the great MJ got in his early career. King James is probably overrated as a superstar who can carry a team on his shoulders. Not all decisions provide an immediate ROI – “redemption on insult” to the party for which the decision went against.… Read More »


著名清朝学者于右任的一篇文章—-《亡国三恶因》,列有三点满清王朝必然会灭亡的原因。 其一:民穷财尽,社会破产,国家破产。国有金,吝不与人,为他人藏。 这里说的是老百姓贫穷,读不起书,看不起病,住不起房,物价飞涨,社会呈败落之象。老百姓为什么贫穷?因为”国有金,吝不与人”,财富不往普通人手里流动,国家与民众争利。财产归权贵私有,日夜不停地盗卖国家资源。劳苦民众虽竭尽劳作,所得不足以维持生计,两极分化严重。 其二:善不能举,恶不能退,利不能兴,害不能除。化善而作贪,使学而为盗。 行善的不能受到褒扬,作恶的不能受到制止,社会道德急剧下滑。官员虽多,但不作为,忙于吃喝嫖赌,聚敛财富,使”利不能兴,害不能除”。善恶本人兼而有之,好的社会制度能使坏人变好,坏的社会制度却把好人变坏。所以于右任说”化善而作贪,使学而为盗”,其实都是制度造成的。其中的”化”、”使”两个动词很生动地说明了官员普遍贪腐、社会道德败坏原因。 其三:宫中、府中、梦中,此哭中、彼笑中,外人窥伺中、霄小拨弄中,国际侦探金钱运动中,一举一动,一黜一陟,堕其术中。 这里说的是腐败政权只能用卖国的手段来维持自己的统治。贫富不均、两极分化、财产聚于权贵之家,才会有”此哭中、彼笑中”的现象。”外人”指列强,”窥伺”中华大地,伺机捞起好处;”霄小”指内奸,挑动拨弄,出卖国家利益。搞金钱外交,用通商拉拢外国政要”助纣为虐”,维持其祸国殃民的统治。”侦探”渗透国外华人社区,”金钱”收买外国政要,甚至行为举止,罢免升迁,都以金钱利益为动因,用这样方法维持其统治岂能不使社会败亡? 其实不只是清王朝,任何一个政权,无论他多么貌似强大,只要具备了上述三点,决不会逃出灭亡的命运。那些只顾眼前利益,甚至为了一点利益出卖人格良心的人,为独裁者唱赞歌,到头来不仅得不到想要的利益,还会把自己搭进去,落得个身败名裂的下场。同样,当政者迷恋特权,以为只要牢牢掌握暴力和谎言,就能使江山永固,子孙万代永享奴役别人的幸福,这样做的结果只能得到接受民众审判的下场。 Related stuff: Ex-political prisoner speaks out in Singapore Election Strategies 2011 You never actually own a HDB flat How to model Britain after Singapore Five election tips for Singaporeans 解铃还需系铃人 Singapore is right next to Zimbabwe in the worse governed Don’t fuck with Singapore Does Singapore have… Read More »

Biting the hands that feed them

I usually reserve a fair bit of sympathy for unions threatening industrial actions to force employers to come to the negotiation table, but not when they show complete disregard to customers, as in the case of the work-to-rule action to be enforced by the Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants’ Union. Under the work-to-rule guidelines: “All… Read More »

How to model Britain after Singapore

Dug up this “letter” while rummaging through old documents for deletion. Thought I’d share it with you, now that the British Empire has a new coalition goverment and new prime minister David Cameron’s perceived glibness seeemed to have done more damage than good. Letter to Mr. Blair Dear Mr Blair,Just a mere few weeks after… Read More »