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Saw this article on the front page of The Standard today. Seems like the writer cannot make up his/her mind whether to give the story a postive or negative spin. The headline screamed “Ray of Hope”, but the deck immediately threw a dampener by saying “Food safety fears grow despite nuke optimism”. How did that… Read More »

Same source, different predictions

The weather forecast for today in the newspapers was way off the mark. In reality, it should be something in the range of 13-16 degrees Celsius instead of 16-20 degrees published in the papers. Yesterday was equally inaccurate – the actual temperature was in the range of 14-18 degrees, rather than 16-21 degrees. But the… Read More »

Disney tragic

Have you watched recent episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? It’s too bloody feel good and politically correct compared to earlier Mickey Mouse cartoons. There are no evildoers, and even the bad guys are pretty lame. Whatever happened to the old Mickey which, according to The New York Times, was something like “the Bart Simpson of… Read More »

US$600 billion “Ben-anza”?

I hate it when newspapers try to be witty and play a pun on names that fall flat on their face. This headline appeared in today’s edition of The Standard (screen capture from the online version). Why can’t they write something like “Fed commits US$600 billion”, which is straightforward and doesn’t make one cringe. Related… Read More »

How to model Britain after Singapore

Dug up this “letter” while rummaging through old documents for deletion. Thought I’d share it with you, now that the British Empire has a new coalition goverment and new prime minister David Cameron’s perceived glibness seeemed to have done more damage than good. Letter to Mr. Blair Dear Mr Blair,Just a mere few weeks after… Read More »

I have eaten more salt than you have eaten rice

这篇文章应该是照着英文原稿直译的,第一段读起来有点不顺。因此,从事翻译工作的(无论是中译英或英译忠),不能只是根据字面的意思去做翻译,更要考虑整体句子的结构和读起来是否通顺。我猜测英文原稿可能是这样的句子: “For many year, Americans have been advised to reduce their salt consumption, but many do not take this seriously.” 如果要翻译,我觉得应该这样处理: “多年来,很多美国人对于减少摄入钠的建议根本不以为然。” Technorati Tags: 翻译 直译 句子结构 通顺