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What’s with the discrimination?

Apparently, all animals in cartoons can talk, except the dog. Don’t believe? In “WordWorld”, Dog is the only WordFriend who cannot talk. Everyone else – Sheep, Frog, Pig, Duck, Bear, Shark and even the tiny Ant – can. In “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”, Pluto may have taken a vow of silence to protest losing its planetary… Read More »


More than 50 animal rights groups in China have urged the state broadcaster not to air a performance involving synchronised swimming by goldfish to celebrate the conclusion of the Lunar New Year festivities. How come human rights groups do not protest when the magic trick involves human beings, like sawing a woman in half?

Disney tragic

Have you watched recent episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? It’s too bloody feel good and politically correct compared to earlier Mickey Mouse cartoons. There are no evildoers, and even the bad guys are pretty lame. Whatever happened to the old Mickey which, according to The New York Times, was something like “the Bart Simpson of… Read More »

The cult of Oprah

It’s amazing how people will bend over backwards to kiss Oprah Winfrey’s behind and hang on her every word. Love for Oprah smacks of deification, except in this case, her worshippers got duped (again) along with their idol when Herman Rosenblat, author of Angel at the Fence: The True Story of a Love that Survived,… Read More »