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If sluts could drive

This Mercedes Benz spot is the first commissioned out of a Chinese agency (Ogilvy & Mather Beijing). Entitled “The Contract” and inspired by the 1978 movie “The Driver”, the commercial shows Zhang Ziyi display her driving prowess in a Mercedes SLK that leaves two shady characters in awe and appreciation. But why do I get… Read More »


杨溢出生在重庆,从小就倍受父母的宠爱,是父母的掌上明珠。成人后的杨溢也和父母一样有爱心。不过,杨溢除了对社会、对他人具有的爱心外,对蜘蛛等一些小动物更是具有特别的爱心。 Technorati Tags: 杨溢 爱心女孩 CCTV TV program Help spread the word!

Games people play

So you thought the Japanese are extreme only when it comes to food? Well, like the Taiwanese, Japanese appear to have strange notions of what constitutes fun on TV. Here’s a short video clip from a TV game show called Sasuke depicting the extreme stuff they are willing to do. Amazingly, this is just the… Read More »


If you’ve watched one of those cooking shows on cable TV, such as Martha, Rachel Ray or Everyday Italian by Giada De Laurentiis, you’ll realise a couple of things: 1. Everything always turns out right, especially the here’s-one-we-prepared-earlier dish.2. The resulting dish, if tasted by the chef, is always perfect, delicious, or something along that… Read More »