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Disgruntled? Complain!

Saw this little snippet in the 12 Sep edition of Sky Post. I think it applies to Singaporeans as well. “香港人没有太多机会面对大型灾难,小事不满便立即投诉。相反日本人面对灾难时的安然和自律很值得大家学习。”~ 香港前天文台台长林超英为《日本.再出发–在日港人311地震后感》撰写书序 Related stuff:No, you listen to me first!How to protest effectively

Ex-political prisoner speaks out in Singapore

I know you’re fully invested (who wouldn’t be, with all that money dangling in front of you?), but Janil Puthucheary, no one will vote for a person who doesn’t care about his father’s sufferings. You’d better watch these banned videos of the speech by Dr Lim Hock Siew, filmed by Martyn See, and go probe… Read More »

How to model Britain after Singapore

Dug up this “letter” while rummaging through old documents for deletion. Thought I’d share it with you, now that the British Empire has a new coalition goverment and new prime minister David Cameron’s perceived glibness seeemed to have done more damage than good. Letter to Mr. Blair Dear Mr Blair,Just a mere few weeks after… Read More »

Flight carry-on restrictions

While we’re at it, here are seven more items that should also be banned from carry-ons: 1. BeltSome cowboy may use this to whip the pilot into action (or worse, inaction). 2. High-heel stilettosA hard nudge by one of these pointy devices can be deadly. 3. PenYeah, you’ll need this to complete the immigration forms,… Read More »

How to protest effectively

Here in Hong Kong, there seems to be some kind of protest every other week. Some 30 taxis, for instance, will stage a slow-drive protest in Kwun Tong over claims of faulty Sinopec LPG fuel. On New Year’s Day, thousands of pro-democracy protesters marched to the Central Liaison Office, but the supposedly peaceful demonstration turned… Read More »

Justice delayed is justice denied

Here comes Dickhead Cheney again, trying to save his “legacy” (or rather his sorry ass from being tried for crimes against humanity). It’s disheartening to see The Economist pander so shamelessly to the neo-cons: “THE contrast was stark: on the one hand Barack Obama, young, idealistic, wet-behind the ears, and on the other Dick Cheney,… Read More »