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Bigger is better?

Many proponents of bigger displays say bigger is better and anyone who feels otherwise is in denial that Apple is falling behind its competition. By that logic, a 5-inch screen would be better, and 6-inch better still. The fact is, with the current screen size on iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5, your thumb can comfortably… Read More »

Have you ever had it blue?

Do you realise that many of the icons for iPhone apps are in blue, shades of blue or with blue as the dominant colour scheme? Examples: App Store Dropbox Mail Safari MyObservatory EasyTalk Skype PS Express Adobe Ideas Google Citibank HK Discovery RTM Dictionary HSW (How Stuff Works) LinkedIn Plaxo Facebook Twitter Battery Go! Stocks… Read More »

Almost lost my wallet today

Had lunch at a nearby Sabah restaurant today and my wallet slipped out of my pocket while putting on my winter coat to leave (that’s the problem with thick clothings). Fortunately, I backtracked and managed to retrieve it. Note to Apple: I don’t need a Find My iPhone app; I need a Find My Wallet… Read More »

It’s the season to be angry

First, we have Angry Birds. Now it appears that there are a bunch of copycats (whether in actual gameplay or just in name). These are the ones I’ve come across so far: Angry Cat Angry Dog Angry Fruits Angry Honey (good permise, but could have been executed better) Angry Mommy Angry Panda Angry Sperms (simple… Read More »

Appsolutely useless?

How many iPhone apps have you downloaded but never used on a regular basis? Here’s my list in no particular order: Super Camera (crash prone) *deleted* Target Takedown *deleted* SiteAnalyser (use once and you will pretty much dump it)*deleted* Type n Talk ContactsTapLite (this cannot be branded as a Lite version; it expires and becomes… Read More »