Almost lost my wallet today

By | January 5, 2011
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Had lunch at a nearby Sabah restaurant today and my wallet slipped out of my pocket while putting on my winter coat to leave (that’s the problem with thick clothings). Fortunately, I backtracked and managed to retrieve it. Note to Apple: I don’t need a Find My iPhone app; I need a Find My Wallet app.

So what do you do if your wallet goes missing? First, panic. Once you’re done with that, try to remember your last few locations and see if you can trace your lost item in any of those locations. If all else fails (including not being able to remember your previous whereabouts), here is a checklist of things you should do:

* File a police report (useful if you are going to make claims later or to settle disputes)
* Notify the relevant government departments about the lost ID and get one replaced asap
* Notify banks about lost ATM cards and credit cards
* Change ATM pin numbers to prevent unauthorised withdrawals
* Change your signature to prevent forgery (drastic)
* Change your facial features to prevent impersonation (ok, last resort)

Did I miss out anything?

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