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Close To Haven’t

The world is slowly falling downUpon people in long black gownWho propagates the teachings of their lordAs though they are the truths we forgot Now the devil is calling outFor your soul to twist and shoutTo the world of angels and saintsNo more silly pretences and games Chorus:Close to heavenIs it a dream or just… Read More »

Diary Of A Murderer

Monologue:This song is dedicated to all the psychotic people in this world who have no one to kill but themselves. The need is to hurt youAnd depress youLife’s a devil in actionWith murderous intentionsThere’s no mistakingYou’re the target of anEndless assassination Chorus 1:An executionIn the darknessSimilar to capital punishmentNo need to hurryWith mutilationUntil there is… Read More »


I love Jeanny, I’ll always love her. She hasn’t been well lately. Not since, after the accident. I’m afraid that she thinks it was my fault, though she didn’t say anything. She wouldn’t say anything that would hurt me. She loves me; just as I love her. Yes, I’ll tell you about it, if you… Read More »

The Last Confession II

“Hey Patrick!”“What’s up?”“How’s your story?”“Which one?”“You know, the one about a serial killer…”“Oh… that. It’s almost finished. The guy’s actually a zookeeper who fantasises about killing people.”“And what’s his name?”“Patrick.”“… I remember you work in the zoo, right?”“So? Is that a problem?”“No. But I won’t be visiting your workplace anytime soon.”“Coward.”“Bye, part-time fantasy killer.”“Get lost… Read More »

Heart Of Glass

Prologue He flings the pair of earrings out the car window, and together with it, the last remnants of his first love. Chapter 1 “Happy birthday, Ai Ling.” “Thank you. The roses are so beautiful. You must have spent a lot on them.” “No, it’s okay. Come over and make a wish before we cut… Read More »

The Last Confession

Some people think I’m mad. That’s perfectly understandable. It’s hard to believe an average Joe like me could have killed 21 people within three years. But first, a bit about myself. My name is Patrick. No, not the Patrick in “American Psycho”. Unlike Patrick Bateman, I’m not into murders and executions. Unlike him too, I… Read More »