Diary Of A Murderer

By | October 15, 2008

This song is dedicated to all the psychotic people in this world who have no one to kill but themselves.

The need is to hurt you
And depress you
Life’s a devil in action
With murderous intentions
There’s no mistaking
You’re the target of an
Endless assassination

Chorus 1:
An execution
In the darkness
Similar to capital punishment
No need to hurry
With mutilation
Until there is presumably
No reaction

Revenge is my motive
I wrecked you
With my sadistic thoughts of disaster
The forces of evil
Were given freedom
Like some mocking, mischievous demons

My purpose’s to slay you
And divide you
With the deftest hand motion
Decapitation is easy
As I removed your head steadily

Chorus 2:
An execution
When the night falls
In the form of a cold-blooded murder
A burning desire
Is exploding
Tonight’s the night
When evil reigns supreme

The funeral pyre
Is burning
When civilisation retreated
And sacrifices
Were demanded
Watch the flesh melt
Until there’s only skeleton

Lyrics: Stephen Yeo

I wrote this before The Last Confession and The Last Confession II, probably in the early 1990s.

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