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No too complicated proceduresThat I cannot followTook me so many yearsTo search for that damned soul Had to take my timeHad to wait for an opportunityThe rest is simpleThe rest is simple On one unsuspecting nightThere’s no turning backRemoved the headAnd then he’s dead It’s just so simpleIt’s just so simpleNo too complicated proceduresThat I… Read More »

なぜ めぐり逢うのかを私たちは なにも知らないいつ めぐり逢うのかを私たちは いつも知らないどこにいたの 生きてきたの遠い空の下 ふたつの物語 縦の糸はあなた 横の糸は私織りなす布は いつか誰かを暖めうるかもしれないなぜ 生きてゆくのかを迷った日の跡の ささくれ夢追いかけ走ってころんだ日の跡の ささくれこんな糸が なんになるの心許なくて ふるえてた風の中 縦の糸はあなた 横の糸は私織りなす布は いつか誰かの傷をかばうかもしれない縦の糸はあなた 横の糸は私逢うべき糸に 出逢えることを人は 仕合わせと呼びます

Conspicuous consumption

“Conspicuous consumption of valuable goods is a means of reputability of the gentleman of leisure.”– The Theory of the Leisure Class Thorstein Bunde Veblen (1857 – 1929) was an unorthodox American economist of Norwegian ancestry. He is considered the founder of the “institutional school of economics”, a group of economists who believed that traditional economic… Read More »

Is war a necessary evil?

Imagine India launching a nuclear missile over the Himalayas into China, or Pakistan laying waste to Nepal with an atomic bomb. Think of Israel, besieged by a continent of enemies, levelling Lebanon. None of these scenarios is politically plausible, at the moment. Technically, however, all all-out nuclear war between nations has become an unsettling possibility.… Read More »

Dark Side of the Moon

“I want to live on my own.”“No, you can’t!” The rest chimed in at once, like the representatives of some great power waking up halfway through a conference in time to bomb a veto on some mewling little voice they don’t even care to listen.“I’m leaving,” I responded, oblivious to their objections. With as much… Read More »

The Sacrifice

Somewhere along Mount Pleasant Road. Crazed with terror, the man fled in the direction leading towards the Pan-Island Expressway. His heart was throbbing furiously and he could almost feel blood shooting up to his head. The dim streetlights fell on his face, revealing an expression of ultimate horror and panic. There was not a soul… Read More »