Brave New World

By | July 3, 2010

Six o’clock in the morning and you hear the sound
Of a bomb exploding in the neighbourhood ground
You turned a deaf ear to the calls, closed the door
Because it’s nothing new at all

Papa, mama, please don’t go away
Leave your children to face the world today
Hear them crying in the dark
Songs of love won’t ease their hearts

Don’t you know that we’re afraid
Of this world that lies ahead
Must we always wait until it’s too late
To turn around to say we’re really scared

Is this the new life we’re gonna lead
Where are all the dreams
Does the hope exist
When everything we fight for needs a value
Who’s gonna give a damn about you

Don’t you know that we’re scared
Of this world that lies ahead
How can we hope for a better tomorrow
When today doesn’t get us anywhere

Date written: 27 December 1993

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