What if I rename my blog Monster Stuff?

By | April 16, 2009
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Monster Cable is at it again, this time suing Monster Transmission, a Florida-based outfit that supplies automotive parts. Apparently, the lesson from the Blue Jeans episode has not been learnt.

So what happens if I rename my blog Monster Stuff? Will I get a cease-and-desist letter from Monster Cable?

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What kind of screwed up legal system do we have that allows someone to sue someone else over the use of a common noun? Especially when it's used for other products totally unrelated to party claiming injury? Maybe a boycott of Monster's sales channels should be next, force them to drop the POS line. BTW, when are they going to start suing the porn sites that use Monster C*ck, Monster D&ck, in their names? Afterall, isn't that a Monster Cable?


My porn name was going to be Monster C*ck. Now I wish I had gone into porn, just so Noel Lee could sue me.

Opening statement: "Ladies and gentleman of the jury, the distinction between Monster C*ck and Monster Cable is very unclear. Both entities f*ck people constantly, so maybe one can be confused for the other. The significant difference is, people ENJOY getting f*cked by Monster C*ck!"