A collection of spam subjects

By | April 18, 2009

Dunno about you, but sometimes spam subjects make me laugh. A couple of gems:

If you have a small bulge, the world around you seems small as well. (Wow, theory of “relativity”)
Women will be able to read the number of your inches on your forehead. (We have foreplay, and we have foresight.)
Embrace the future of massive size
It is more. Thicker. Longer. More long. (Yes, more thick too)
The longer your instrument is, the shorter the ladder to success. (Only if you sleep your way to the top)
With your big horse you can insert him even into the Statue of Liberty.
It’s better to have a decent size than to be wise. (People do have different priorities.)
Your little friend looks like he is still in puberty?
Turn your snake into a python
Your nose is hung because you are not hung?

Ok, maybe not everything is sex-related:

US senator crapped his pants!
Bum party formed!
Chinese community lived on skyscraper roofs
Videogames that form epilepsy
Even if you are in poverty nobody will guess that.

Sometimes you wonder, WTF:

Real triangle butt!
Women will be compliant when they see that it is giant.
Tourist raped painting
I suppose we are lookalikes!
Your little friend is watching you tie your shoes

And, of course, rumours and stuff that will benefit from a little proofreading:

Obama‘s health is in danger
Paris Hilton pees like men
You forgot your T-short
You have no expensive car, A real man doesn,t need it!

Finally, a few Q&A:

Damn, where the hell are you?
Mom called police, where were you?
I was there, filming his death

So, have you come across other interesting spam subjects? Drop me a spam.

5 thoughts on “A collection of spam subjects

  1. Anonymous

    My fair share of spam:
    It’s all in your hands what’s inside your pants.
    Change your member once and enjoy it for the rest of your life.
    Anything less than 7 inches is embarrassing
    You won’t find even the traces of your small miserable and retarded friend in pants.
    No matter what gal you pick she is sure to love your stick.

  2. Anonymous

    hey, i’ve got a similar spam, maybe we’re in the same boat :
    Being poor doesn’t mean that you have to look poor.

  3. watchout

    Is it because I am looking for a watch? I get this:

    “Can’t fight the bad habit of always being late? Get a decent watch.”
    “Your girlfriend will kiss your feet if you give her a golden watch.”

  4. Anonymous

    Got these recently:

    1. Life has changed greatly! I have Sax every day!
    2. Every woman will choose a man with a monster tool if the rest is equal.


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