Another collection of spam subjects

By | July 1, 2009
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We know the method to quit the aging process.

You can trick the nature and make a monster out of your timid animal.

Make your rod staying!

If watering your device doesn’t help it be come bigger we know what works.

How crysis affects you [new buzzword – “crysis”]

Your stick will be in harmony with her hole.

Reply or die [scare tactics]

Free Penis trial [OMG!]

She will not need a magnifying glass any longer to find your tool.

We sell the best alarm-clocks for your small fellow down there.

Small tool is for peeing, big tool is for more serious things.

Now you don’t have to wear bigger shoes to trick women around you. [huh?]

Rock out with your cock out

Please, ask about me [Twitter-era egomaniac]

Your golden watch has a golden heart that is beating.

FW: Your academic qualification expired [I didn’t know this is possible.]

Don’t be ashamed of your wrist anymore. [for once, it’s not about your little brother]

Sometimes our watches live longer than their owners.

Your golden watch will never cheat on you. [thank god!]

You would never have to travel south if you had a bigger shaft.

For some men having a decent watch is the most important thing in this world. [different strokes for different folks]

And here’s the kicker, apparently from “no sender”:

[no sender] Order Shipped — Order #40643

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