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Colvin’s rant against government intervention

I’m beginning to tire of Geoff Colvin’s anti-government stance in his regular Value Driven column in FORTUNE magazine. In a recent piece (“Will the Motor City Shakeup Work?“, April 27), Colvin argued that General Motors‘ fate has less to do with the new CEO Fritz Henderson than with the restructuring model the US government is… Read More »

Anal, retention!

In his recent Value Driven column (“Chris Dodd Wants to scrap Your Bonus“, FORTUNE magazine, March 16), Geoff Colvin argued that the proposed tough new limits on Wall Street bonuses in the US stimulus package will “inadvertently reward nonperformance and drive talented financiers away from the companies that need them most”. Ignoring the simplistic examples… Read More »

Should Citi be investigated for leaked memo?

Citigroup’s shares rallied last week, on the back of CEO Vikram Pandit’s “leaked memo” reassurring his troops that “we are profitable through the first two months of 2009 and are having our best quarter-to-date performance since the third quarter of 2007”. Shares of the financial services provider have been under constant pressure since its bailout… Read More »