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Chaos theory

Jeremy Gutsche, Chief Trend Hunter of TrendHunter.com, may not have been the first to write about the dynamics of the current economic turmoil, but his new book, Exploiting Chaos: 150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change, documents the many exploits you could make in these uncertain times. Wonderfully illustrated with easily digestible snippets… Read More »

Tomorrow never comes?

In 1975, the United States Chamber of Commerce gave a forecast of what wonders one could expect in the world of the future. Among its predictions (and the reality check in parenthesis): Supermarkets without cashiers. Shelf stock would be refilled by conveyer belts running from the storeroom. Some supermarket stock would be self-heating or self-cooling.… Read More »

Banned Singapore Rebel video for download

This is the film Singapore’s censorship board doesn’t want people to see. It’s the story of opposition politician Chee Soon Juan, who has been imprisoned twice for championing democratic change in the city state. Previously, I blogged about this issue and included a short videp clip. Now the full video is available for download. Note… Read More »


Lyrics from a song that reflected my decision to leave Singapore… 這種念頭困擾我許多年去留的問題一直無法解決總是有走投無路的感覺沒想到一條小道在眼前 今天有路今天走抓緊命運伸出的手離鄉背井不是我願意可是故鄉讓我心痛 今天有路今天走看緊機會不要蹉跎遠走他鄉不是我願意可是故鄉難以忍受 希望的火總是難以熄滅理想的掙扎纏著我不妥協雖然不知道路盡頭是什麼可是這裡的現實我討厭 Related stories:Why I would like to leaveDefine their realityThe Final Post P.S. I will be on vacation in Taipei over the next couple of days so I may not post as regularly as I used to. Technorati Tags: lyrics 张洪量… Read More »

You die, I die

Ok, this is not some stupid Titanic parody. Yesterday, I posted a video and asked if you would do something similar for your loved one. Believe it or not, some people, after watching the video, don’t quite get it. Here’s the deal for the clueless – the guy in the video opted to have his… Read More »