Scratching the Surface

By | June 3, 2007

By now, you ought to be quite familiar with the new computing devices from Microsoft and Palm. If not, check out this interesting video put together by Popular Mechanics. Microsoft’s prototype – called Surface – is a nice idea, but somehow you’ll have to wonder, “What were they thinking?” Let’s just hope that the Surface is scratch-proof and doesn’t generate enough heat to keep your coffee warm. If Microsoft succeeds, imagine a new type of e-mail called… “Surface mail”.

Palm’s “new category” of mobile device, known as Foleo, is little more than an ultraportable laptop and has been rightfully dissed by analysts. Seems like the company expects users to carry a smartphone, an iPod and its Foleo on road trips just so they can have a machine with a bigger screen and built-in keyboard to fire off e-mails with more than 10 words. The folly of Foleo is that it is positioned only as a companion for smartphones like Treo since it doesn’t have built-in voice communication capability. For the quoted price of about $500, one might as well get a full-featured laptop that at least handles Web browsing properly.

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