Is Zune doomed from the get-go?

By | September 19, 2006

Apparently, detractors aren’t too impressed by Microsoft’s latest foray into the hardware business. An article at made out the case why the so-called “iPod killer” might lose the battle with its nemesis. Some analysts also believe that Zune may alienate partners like Creative, iRiver, Samsung and Sony. URGE users, in particular, must surely feel hard done by since Microsoft has cut them off with a new device that’s incompatible with “PlaysForSure” (such irony in the name).

Furthermore, the fact that Zune will initially be manufactured by Toshiba means other device makers (including former partners listed above) will now compete with Microsoft head-on. Either that or some makers may defect to the Apple camp and start adding value to the iPod ecosystem. Already, Creative has entered Apple’s “Made for iPod” program as an authorised seller of iPod accessories.

Amidst all the fuss, someone has this to say about Zune at eWEEK:
Seriously – do we really need yet one more iPod or any more gadgets for that matter. Sorry but people are just way too tuned in, but too tuned out in their heads. I don’t think that your average teen actaully [sic] has any more than a couple of minutes a day to not be plugged into something… TV, radio, ( and satellite radio to prevent a whole 5 minutes without signal), portable CD and DVD players (with one in the car just in case you forgot your portable), television reception on computers, and picture within the X-box picture on some new televisions. We are now layering our entertainment to double the simultaneous input.

Where does imagination come into play anymore? How can conscience develop when there’s no time to ponder, do introspective analysis, develop the spiritual side and NOT have something being piped in all the time.

Sorry people, but I find it impossible to get excited about one more way to turn on and tune out as we used to say back in the 60’s. Yep – you knew it didn’t you – I had to be an old guy. We are the only ones left that remember that there is life outside the matrix.

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