The future is in your Palm

By | May 21, 2006
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So, you think you can do a better job than Carl Yankowski (ex-CEO of Palm Inc.) and Donna Dubinsky (ex-CEO of Handspring)? Now you have an opportunity to prove it!

At, you can assume the role as CEO of a fictitious Handheld Corporation in a simulation game called PDA Sim. Your goal is to maximize the cumulative profit for three models of Palm OS-based handheld over four years.

To achieve that, you have to make tough decisions regarding pricing issues, amount of R&D budget to commit, and whether a product should be discontinued after reviewing the relevant financial and market information. At the end of the game, you can post your score as well as the strategy you’ve used to achieve that score (e.g. “milk X5 for two years, make X6 expensive and X7 cheap, voila!”).

And if you end up in the top 10 rankings, you may wish to consider dropping a note to the board of directors of the new Palm Inc., formerly palmOne Inc. (I think Palm deliberately does this just to confuse us.)

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