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Economic prosperity can’t guarantee happiness

In fact, it may have quite the opposite effect, if you read into the findings of the Happy Planet Index. Compiled by an independent British “think and do” tank called nef (the new economics foundation), the index “addresses the relative success or failure of countries in supporting good life for their citizens, whilst respecting the… Read More »

Fireworks in Makati

Fireworks display in Makati during New Year’s Eve countdown, staged by the same company that is responsible for the World Pyro Olympics at Mall of Asia last year. This video was shot from the balcony of my apartment using a digital camera. Yeah… I know, I need to get better equipment. Anyone willing to contribute… Read More »

Have a slice of Sbarro

You know what? I’ve been here in Makati for close to 18 months now and only recently did I realise that there is good pizza to be had outside the Pizza Hut-Shakey’s duopoly. The pizza place in question is called Sbarro, which serves pizzas unlike anything I’ve tried before. When I visited the branch at… Read More »