Have a slice of Sbarro

By | December 25, 2006

You know what? I’ve been here in Makati for close to 18 months now and only recently did I realise that there is good pizza to be had outside the Pizza Hut-Shakey’s duopoly.

The pizza place in question is called Sbarro, which serves pizzas unlike anything I’ve tried before. When I visited the branch at Glorietta 2 last Friday to buy two slices (yes, they sell it by the slice), a long queue had already formed. Using typical Singapore logic, I arrived at the conclusion that the food must be good.

True enough, the stuffed pizza that I ordered was a bit like a pie – chewy on the outside with the tasty ingredients nicely wrapped inside. It would have been better had I consumed the pizzas while they were piping hot, rather than taking them along on a last-minute Christmas shopping tour.

By the way, the pasta that Sbarro also serves didn’t look too bad either. Must try it some other time.

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2 thoughts on “Have a slice of Sbarro

  1. Juha

    When you’re in New Zealand, I’ll take you to Gina’s for a Real Pizza. You’ll never eat at Sbarro or the other chains again though.


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