The legacy of Imelda Marcos

By | May 13, 2007

Since it’s national election (and a public holiday) in the Philippines tomorrow, here’s a little trivia:

Imelda Marco, the former First Lady and erstwhile powerful political figure in the Philippines, left behind “only” 1,060 pairs of shoes at Malacanang Palace, and not 3,000 pairs as the world popularly believed. But what the shoes lost in quanity, they made up for in the quality. One pair of shoes was even equipped with batteries so that the heels glow in the dark.

In her haste to make a getaway to Hawaii after the Marcos regime was toppled by a four-day People Power Revolution in EDSA, Imelda also ditched 506 floor-length gowns, 422 dresses, 888 handbags, 464 scarves, 71 pairs of sunglasses and 65 parasols.

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