3M puts its money where its mouth is

By | July 16, 2007
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3M puts its money where its mouth is 1Diversified technology company 3M was so sure its “Security Glass” would stand a double-footed kick from a man with a 30ft head start that it stashed a large stack of cash behind it in a bus stop ad, as shown in the picture on the left.

It’s a great advertising gimmick, but I wonder how effective it was to convince a buyer of security windows since all the “money” in it (actually, there was only $500 of real currency stacked on top of fake money) may act as a buffer to cushion impact, thus making the glass appear more unbreakable than it really is. Furthermore, it was reported that a security guard was present to make sure no one broke the rules and that people couldn’t get to keep the money if they broke the glass.

Hmmm… I can understand the rule enforcement part, but I thought 3M should at least let anyone foolish enough to attempt such a feet (er, feat) to get away with the loot. After all, 3M is… what? A US$22 billion company?

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