Bush should resign, Rumsfeld should go to jail

By | November 9, 2006

Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, has suggested that US President George Bush should follow the example of Donald Rumsfeld and resign, according to a Reuters report.

“Heads have started to roll. The president should resign on moral grounds,” Chavez told a news conference after an aide passed him a note with word of the resignation. “Rumsfeld should go to jail.”

The Venezuelan head of state, who has a running feud with Bush and calls his adversary the “devil”, believes that the Democrats’ victory in mid-term elections would rein in US’ imperialism. Senior US officials, on the other hand, has labelled Chavez a threat to regional stability – just like they did for the leader of any country who doesn’t see eye-to-eye with the hawks in the Bush administration.

For nationalist Sunni Arab politician Saleh al-Mutlak, a vocal opponent of the US-led invasion, the resignation represents an “awakening of the American conscious”.

“Everything that Rumsfeld and his rule did in Iraq was against ethics and against humanitarian attitudes, and it does not reflect the policies of a civilized country like the United States,” he said from Dubai.

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4 thoughts on “Bush should resign, Rumsfeld should go to jail

  1. Anonymous

    its dickhead cheney who should go to jail or even hanged for putting thousands of american lives in danger.

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