Election Strategies 2011

By | February 27, 2011

On top of the strategies I previously proposed for the 2006 election and election tips for Singaporeans, here are some other things the opposition should do for the upcoming election:

1. Engage the people in issues, not the PAP. The Pappies will try to sidestep the issues and get LKY (or whoever) to badmouth opposition candidates in an attempt to destroy them. Do not stoop to their level and fall into their trap. Making snide remarks in retaliation may help you to score political points, but if the litigious LKY gets on your back, you may have to pay a heavy political price.

2. Draw up a scorecard illustrating the promises made by the PAP that were delivered/not delivered since the last election. Print lots of these and use them as campaign flyers, posters, etc. If printing cost is a concern, convert the material into digital file (PDF, ppt, Word, jpeg – whichever suits your purpose) and make it available for download. Put it on Facebook, blogs, forums, etc. But don’t just end there. State how the opposition can (or plan to) help and what the people can do to hold the PAP accountable.

3. Have 3-corner fights in weak single-seat wards. Forget about alliance. It’s not gonna happen. Having three or more opposition candidates to contest a ward not only serves to spread the votes thin, but through a freak result, may end up sending an opposition candidate into parliament. This alone is enough cause for concern that the ruling party may have to deploy additional resources to defend the incumbent. The opposition can stretch the PAP’s resources further by burning the backyard of key appointment holders (i.e. ministers) – see previous post on 2006 election strategies.

4. WP’s Low Thia Khiang should step out of his comfort zone and lead a GRC.

5. SDP should sacrifice itself and form a suicidal team to challenge the PM in his ward. Bitter pill? If you really want to serve the people, swallow it.

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3 thoughts on “Election Strategies 2011

  1. Anonymous

    The oppositon parties in Singapore need to get their act together. If I recalled correctly, there were widespread laments that the quality of most opposition candidates was low, even though many of those complaints came from the PAP or the government-controlled media.

  2. Anonymous

    Absolutely right. Singapore need changes. 40 years of PAP rule must come to an end.


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