Hi, my name is Olympics

By | December 18, 2007

Picture this dialogue:

“Hi, my name is Olympics. What’s yours?”

“Really? My name is Olympics too.”

Hard to imagine, right? Well, in another decade or so, this may be a common scenario you’ll run into. As a clear indicator that the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is more than an event, nearly 3,500 children were reportedly named “Olympics” in honour of the Games. So if you have an as yet unnamed child, this is one name to avoid.

But if you thought this is just an isolated antics of Gen Y parents, think again. Apart from relying on Googleability and domain name availability for naming decisions, a Chinese couple had taken things one step further. According to an article on Guardian Unlimited, the couple sought in vain to name their baby “@”, annoying government officials grappling with an influx of unorthodox names in the process.

I wonder if some parents are going to name their child “$” in future. Or maybe they already did, though not quite literally.

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