Real people, real names

By | September 30, 2006

Innovative English names adopted by Chinese:
Ancient Ma
Broke Li
Circle Xia
Echo Lan
Fairy Li
Fanboly Wang
Forrest Lee
Fox Lin
Gream Li
Hammer Cheng
Haven You
Happy Yang
Hawk Lin
Holy Man
Hoper Hou
Icer Cheng
Icey Wang
Jams Pan
Kiddy Han
King Kong
Leaf Zeng
Lemon Tian
Lever Zhong
Money Lin
Rubber Xu
Savvy Lim
Seven Yuan
Shadow Lin
Shining Hong
Shooky Liu
Smiling Sun
Sting Luo
Stone Liu
Sugar Sun
Summer Hao
Tiny Tang
Yankee Shen

Note: These are real names!

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3 thoughts on “Real people, real names

  1. lyly

    where are you originated out of? those names are they real? i am looking for Hammer Cheng. Let me know. Thank you.


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