By | September 29, 2006

Yesterday was declared a non-working day when PAGASA hoisted public storm signal number 3 over Metro Manila. Initially, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get some rest at home. But as it turned out, when Typhoon Milenyo tore through Makati packing 130 kph winds near the center and gusts of up to 160 kph, the roof of my apartment started leaking and I had to spend the better part of the afternoon to prevent the bedroom from flooding.

Some photos here:
Windstruck 1Windstruck 2
Worse of all, the laundry room was in a total mess.
Windstruck 3
But I guess these are no big deal compared to what you read in the related stories.

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4 thoughts on “Windstruck

  1. kohsl

    I was most shocked to learn about the typhoon that hit Philippines. While your house got hit quite badly, at least you’re still alive and well (I hoped). Downloading the video right now and wish everything will be well for you

  2. edvarcl

    dude, i was viewing the typhoon from my hotel room just last thursday afternoon ;> my virgin first. it WAS quite horrid. saw the accident on the way to airport involving the collasped power grid tower that landed on a bus… ouch

  3. edvarcl

    btw, can you imagine that the room window in shangri-la makati was leaking as well? ;p

  4. Stephen Yeo

    well, at least you still had shelter over your head. a leaking roof was probably the least of the concerns of people in the provinces whose houses were totally flooded and who had to live without electricity for several days.


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