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Terms of retrenchment

workforce optimisationstandard delayeringrestructuringre-engineeringresource rationalisationdownsizingvoluntary separation Why don’t companies call a spade a spade and just say that they are laying off people, rather than attach fancy labels to such exercises? Related posts:A new kind of retrenchmentHow the ax falls, Filipino-styleTop 10 buzzwords in 2009 Technorati Tags: retrenchment layoff fancy labels business management language


A colleague was so pissed off at work recently that she used expletives to describe her fellow workers. Considering she’s Chinese and probably doesn’t have a firm handle on swearing using the F-word, here’s a guide:

Is there such a thing as responsible retrenchment?

Gan Kim Yong, Singapore’s Acting Minister for Manpower, said the new guidelines on management of excess staff will “send a clear message to employers on the need to leverage on the tripartite framework” between the government, employers and workers’ unions, so that any retrenchment can be conducted in a “responsible manner”. A sprinkling of euphemisms… Read More »