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Do male shoppers have brand envy?

Apparently, male shoppers are more attuned to brand than women when shopping for digital cameras, according to a study by Market Insight’s MyProductAdvisor.com. Check out the results of the study. So do male shoppers have brand envy? I beg to differ. I suspect the case is that male shoppers, being more tech savvy, know what… Read More »

The $48 billion lie

Once again, mainstream media are falling over themselves to parrot special interest group statistics. I’m referring to the annual study on software piracy published earlier this month by the Business Software Alliance, which alleged that piracy cost the software industry $48 billion last year, up by $8 billion from 2006. Instead of questioning the reliability… Read More »

Dangerous element

Hazardous Material Information SheetMaterial Safety Data SheetWomen – A Chemical Analysis Element: WomenSymbol: WoDiscoverer: AdamAtomic Mass: Accepted at 53.6kg but known to vary from 40 – 200kgOccurrences: Copious quantities in all Urban Area. Physical Properties1. Surface usually covered in painted film2. Boils at nothing; freezes without any known reason3. Melt if given special treatment4. Bitter… Read More »