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When will it really expire?

Who determines the appropriate expiry date (or “expiration date” in American English) of a product (particularly a food item)? Have you ever wondered if your can of Coke will remain bubbly for another year as indicated on the expiry date? Well, I have. And I tried to dig up some info on this topic: Nothing… Read More »

Got milk? No thanks!

If you want to avoid breast cancer, give up dairy products. That’s according to professor Jane Plant, author of Your Life in Your Hands, who battled the so-called “middle-class disease” and won. Professor Plant (quite an apt surname for someone who advocates a non-dairy diet) believes that the link between dairy produce and breast cancer… Read More »

Chicken anyone?

Is it any surprise we have bird flu? Now if someone can tell me more about pigs… Early dawn, a worker starts the day by riding around to collect dead chickens Asking around for dead chickens Total of 5 riders are hired by the boss to visit farms to buy dead chickens A dead chicken… Read More »