Looking through coloured eyes

By | July 22, 2008

In her article, “Fox In Yahoo!’s Henhouse“, Wendy Tanaka of Forbes wrote:

“Icahn will have help in getting a Microsoft deal done. As part of his settlement with Yahoo!, two of his cronies will also get seats on the board.”

Regardless of your opinion of Carl Icahn, I find it odd that a reporter for a reputable financial news organization has chosen an emotional word (“cronies”) to describe Icahn’s original slate of candidates for the two remaining board seats, particularly when it includes people like Jonathan Miller, former chief executive of Time Warner’s AOL business, Frank Biodi, former chief of Viacom, and billionaire Mark Cuban. (Ok, I’m sure you’ll have issues about the last one.)

No doubt writing a news piece through coloured pens makes an interesting read, but it also lends the article (and its author) less credibility.

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