Hong Kong Ocean Park

By | November 8, 2007

During my recent vacation in Hong Kong, I realised that not all theme parks have handicap-friendly facilities. Hong Kong Disneyland is moderately wheelchair accessible because it’s new, but older theme parks like Hong Kong Ocean Park may not be designed with elderly and disabled individuals in mind.

Even when they do, the design concept sometimes leads to more questions, as this series of photos from Ocean Park shows.

Hong Kong Ocean Park 1
Here, we have a nice gentle slope for wheelchair-bound visitors, but look at how many (or rather, few) steps it’s meant to conquer!

Hong Kong Ocean Park 2Hong Kong Ocean Park 3
Lo and behold, once you’ve gone up that slope, you will face a dead end and a flight of stairs. Now, can someone please explain the logic of this?

2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Ocean Park

  1. Anonymous

    maybe they have a secret tunnel leading to elsewhere. its a theme park afterall.


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