10 signs he loves you more

By | September 22, 2007

1. He always says “I love you” first.
2. You take a trip because you need some time alone, and he picks you up at the airport.
3. You always finish first.
4. Your birthday. You want to go out with your friends – and they have to break it to you that he’s planning a big surprise party.
5. You don’t hesitate to introduce him to the prettiest woman at the party.
6. When you mention you like sparkling water, the next week he’s got 12 different kinds in his fridge.
7. After the meeting, he calls to ask how it went. Wait, when did you tell him about the meeting?
8. He wants more kissing.
9. You’re confident he’d never leave you.
10. When you tell him you’re worried that he loves you more, he jumps through hoops to reassure you that he’s fine with that.

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