Daewoo Lucoms goes Solo

By | August 7, 2006

Daewoo Lucoms, a subsidiary of Daewoo Electronics, has followed Samsung’s footsteps to release its first UMPC, called Solo M1. Like the Samsung Q1, the Solo M1 sports a 7-inch touchscreen LCD, which is powered by an Intel GMA 900 graphics engine integrated into the unit’s 915GMS chipset.

The Solo M1 runs on an ultra-low voltage Celeron M353 900MHz processor, with 512MB of DDR2 SDRAM and a 30GB, 1.8-inch hard disk drive. It includes Bluetooth 1.2 and 802.11b/g Wi-Fi connectivity, a built-in 1.3-megapixel digital camera, DMB TV tuner and a four-in-one memory card reader. The device, which uses Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system, weighs 830g and measures 22.6 x 11.4 x 2.5cm.

An optional docking station is available, which provides four extra USB ports as well as S-Video and VGA outputs.

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