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Both sides of the coin

For those who are sick of claims and counter-claims, Intel researchers at Berkeley, California have developed a Firefox extension called “Dispute Finder“, which, if everything goes according to claims, can determine if a claim is bullshit or not. With Dispute Finder, you’ll have a way to tell people that they are, in fact, very, very… Read More »

Acai Berry spam e-mails on the loose

What exactly is açaí? It’s a South American berry extract that purportedly fights cancer and cellulite. With bikini season rapidly approaching, the promise of weight loss by this Amazon wonder berry is setting related spam e-mails on the loose. Just take a look at these examples: Try No.1 Acai Berry(WieghtLoss Superfood) by Oprah & Dr.… Read More »

:CueCat reborn

If Eric Schmidt is serious about saving the newspaper industry, perhaps Google can come up with a :CueCat-like device (I even thought of a name for this: CURL) that can recognise URLs published in news articles and wirelessly direct a user’s computer to the relevant webpages without requiring the user to manually type out the… Read More »