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Cathay Pacific sex scandal

Airborne Sex, Mile High Club, or whatever. What’s the big deal with that? The bigger scandal is not the sex itself. According to sources (as usual, unnamed), the air stewardess involved in the recent Cathay Pacific airborne sex scandal has either resigned or been dismissed. No big surprise here. Only thing is, the pilot on… Read More »

Bread talk

There’s no Gardenia bread in Hong Kong and it’s a shame because the most common option here is Garden bread, which looks like the cheap variety in neighbourhood bakery in Singapore and tastes like it has taken three days to reach the supermarket. Related stuff: Know which side your bread is buttered Facebook Twitter Pinterest… Read More »

Same source, different predictions

The weather forecast for today in the newspapers was way off the mark. In reality, it should be something in the range of 13-16 degrees Celsius instead of 16-20 degrees published in the papers. Yesterday was equally inaccurate – the actual temperature was in the range of 14-18 degrees, rather than 16-21 degrees. But the… Read More »