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Chicken anyone?

Is it any surprise we have bird flu? Now if someone can tell me more about pigs… Early dawn, a worker starts the day by riding around to collect dead chickens Asking around for dead chickens Total of 5 riders are hired by the boss to visit farms to buy dead chickens A dead chicken… Read More »

Acai Berry spam e-mails on the loose

What exactly is açaí? It’s a South American berry extract that purportedly fights cancer and cellulite. With bikini season rapidly approaching, the promise of weight loss by this Amazon wonder berry is setting related spam e-mails on the loose. Just take a look at these examples: Try No.1 Acai Berry(WieghtLoss Superfood) by Oprah & Dr.… Read More »

Happy birth day?

For those who do not have the privilege to experience one of life’s natural processes, here’s a chance for you to share the joy/pain (depending on the circumstances) with your beloved. Two hospitals in the UK – Southmead Hospital in Bristol and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital – have been using a so-called PROMPT Birthing Simulator to… Read More »