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One man’s vulgarity is another’s lyric

Bruce Einhorn, Asia regional editor in BusinessWeek’s Hong Kong bureau, wrote a heavily politicised article on China’s snowstorm in which he suggested that “with millions stranded by snowstorms and infrastructure problems, antigovernment protests are likely”. Having recently relocated to Shenzhen and as someone who hails from a country where leaders are arguably elected, all I… Read More »

Wikipedia is also blocked

I was trying to do some research this morning and I realised that Wikipedia is also censored by the Chinese authorities. I wonder if there’s any way to circumvent this. And I thought now that I’m in Hong Kong, my surfing troubles would be a thing of the past. But no! The supposedly “broadband” Internet… Read More »

A matter of choice

Recently, I had an exchange with a colleague regarding business travel and I realise that, for many organisations, there is still a wide chasm between management and employees on this issue. Here’s the situation: The company that I work for has organised a trade show in April in Hong Kong. Some employees have thus been… Read More »