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Will the wind of change finally blow our way?

In the aftermath of Malaysia’s election, a blogger by the name of Lee Lilian asked in one of her posts (“A new Malaysia, when will it be our turn?“): Will this election change Singaporeans’ perception/ mindset? Will it have a positive impact for the opposition in Singapore? Has it awaken our people and make them… Read More »

Invasion of privacy?

The surveillance footage of a young couple kissing in Shanghai’s metro (complete with mocking commentary) made the rounds on several video-sharing websites in early January. Its unwitting stars announced plans to sue and Shanghai’s metro authority responded by firing one of three employees responsible for leaking the footage (the other two employees were no longer… Read More »

Does this sound like a mad man to you?

This one-year-old article of Robert Ho by Martyn See at AsiaTimes Online tells the odd story of a Singaporean cyber-dissident who has been routinely painted (or should it be tainted?) by the PAP government as mentally unsound. If you read the whole interview, you will wonder: Is this really the mind of a mad man?


Based on a “true story”, Evelyn is as heartwarming as a movie can get. The storyline is not particularly dense, but it is aimed at people with a mind and humanity, rather than MTV droids who can’t tell arse from elbow. A fascinating element is the huge impact the events in the movie had on… Read More »