Shared by thousands, realised by one

By | September 18, 2019
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Diamonds and their fascinating sparkle have left many people dazzled by their beauty. The diamond influenced even the best minds of the ancient world towards believing that it was a living entity, a stage in Man’s voyage towards spiritual perfection, or that it possessed powers of good over evil.

In this noblest of gems, we expect to see a beautiful play of light. But it is only through the strict process of ideal cutting that the brilliance, sparkle and fire of diamonds are brought to their full dazzling potential. This high-quality precision cut was realised by Lazare Kaplan. Inspired by a mathematical formula published by Marcel Tolkowsky in his 1919 book, Diamond Design, Lazare Kaplan set out to perfect the ideal cut for diamonds.

In describing himself, Lazare Kaplan unveiled his motivation, “I was an artist. I was devoted to bring out the full potential of the diamond and I was devoted to that and that alone.”

Recognising that the desirability of a diamond rests largely on its optical properties, he pursued his vision for the ideal cut. For the ideal cut ensures maximum fire and dispersion of light in a diamond, realising optimal brilliance and scintillation.

The Lazare diamond possesses these unique characteristics, displaying the ultimate brilliance. Complementing the unique brilliance of the Lazare diamonds and its ideal cut proportions is a laser-inscribed identification number with a Lazare Kaplan logo on the outer perimeter of every Lazare diamond. This inscription provides proof of authenticity and ownership. Invisible to the naked eye, it can be seen only under a 10-power magnification.

The Lazare diamond is the ideal gift, befitting all occasions and anyone, between mother and son, family and friends, lovers and companions. It demonstrates that perfection is an ideal realised by one, yet shared by thousands.

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